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One Tools for all reconciliation jobs across your organization

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Marketplace Reconciliation

Reconciliation of orders and returns with the payouts received from marketplaces and identification of short payouts made or excess charges levied by the marketplaces
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Payment Gateway Reconciliation

Reconciliation of amounts received through payment gateways against all orders and identification of excess charges levied by the payment gateways
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Courier Partner Reconciliation

Reconciliation of consignments delivered by courier partners against orders dispatched and identification of short remittance against COD orders or excess charges levied
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Warehouse Reconciliation

Reconciliation of inventory movement in warehouses and identification of non-receipt of inventory against customer returns or lost / damaged inventory
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Reconciliation with Food Delivery Aggregators

Reconciliation of restaurant orders with food delivery aggregators and identification of short payouts or excess charges levied
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Commission and Brokerage Reconciliation

Reconciliation of commission or brokerage for broking or agency businesses such as Insurance Broking, Mutual Fund Distribution or similar financial intermediary businesses

Powerful features alongwith unmatched simplicity and ease-of-use

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Handling Huge transaction volumes

Ability to handle large data sizes that may run into millions of transactions from multiple data sources
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High Speed of Execution

Completing complex reconciliations within seconds or minutes which would have otherwise taken hours, days or even weeks
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Multiple Data Sources and File Types

Assimilating data from multiple data sources through RPA bots or APIs and reading different file formats such as pdf and images
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Intelligent Matching Algorithms

Use of AI-based matching algorithms to facilitate non-exact and pattern-based matching
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Powerful Computational Capabilities

Powerful computation engine to carry out advanced calculations at a remarkably high speed
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Data Protection and Security

Assurance of complete protection and confidentiality of business data and advanced security features

Focus Sectors

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Brands selling directly through their website and on marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart in categories such as electronics, fashion, beauty and FMCG
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Multi-outlets restaurant chains receiving orders through food delivery aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato as well as dine-ins and takeaways
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Insurance Brokers and Mutual Fund Distributors receiving brokerage income from multiple insurance companies and mutual fund houses

Case Studies

A neatly stacked pile of fabrics beside an open cardboard box and smaller packages on a table, set against a blue background with light rays.

Positive revenue impact of 3% for a leading D2C home furnishing brand

Achieved through automation of order-level reconciliations with marketplaces, payment gateways, warehouses, courier partners and banks and real-time integration with the company's accounting systems

An Expansive warehouse with rows of shelving filled with labeled cardboard boxes

Annualized savings of $6mn for a leading e-commerce marketplace

Achieved through automation of calculation and reconciliation of brand support receivable from OEM sellers against the various discount offers running on the marketplace for each brand, SKU and offer id.

A Sale counter with a modern cash register, card payment terminal, and credit cards on a wooden countertop

Plugging revenue leakage of 4.5% for a restaurant chain running 120 outlets

Achieved through an end-to-end order-to-cash reconciliation for orders received through food delivery aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato as well as payment gateway reconciliations for dine-in and take-away orders